THOR TH-PWM-30: 30 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller 12/24V with USB and LCD Display


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Automatically identify system voltage, 12V/24V. Sealed, gel, open lead-acid battery and lithium battery charging programs are optional. Over charge, over discharge, overload protection, electronic short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection. 3-stage PWM charging. Industrial grade design can be used in various harsh environments.


·        Rated current 30A

·        System Voltage Automatic recognition of 12 V / 24 V

·        Rated power 12V/ 450W

·        No-load loss < 13rnA/12V; < 15rnA/24V

·        Max. solar energy input voltage <55V

·        Max. voltage at the battery end <34V

·        Battery Type Flooded, Sealed SLD

·        Overvoltage protection 16V

·        Equalizing charging voltage 14.8V

·        Boost charging voltage 14.6V

·        Floating charging voltage 13.8V

·        Charging recovery voltage 13.2V

·        Over-discharge recovery voltage 12.5V

·        Over-discharge voltage 11.0V

·        Equalizing charging interval 30 Days

·        Equalizing charging time 1 H

·        Boost charging interval 2 H

·        Temperature Compensation -3.0mVfC/2V

·        Light control voltage Light control on 5V, light control off 6V (light control on plus 1V)

·        Light control judgement time 10 minutes

·        USB function Yes

·        Bluetooth function Optional

·        Operating temperature -25C ° to +55C °

·        IP protection degree IP30

·        Net weight 3900G

Protection Functions:

Battery plate reverse connection protection, battery reverse connection protection, charging battery board short circuit protection, charging the battery open circuit protection, charging over current protection, overload protection, load short-circuit protection, controller and over temperature protection.

·        Dimensions 6.45L x 4W x 1.85″H

·        Product Net Weight: 14 oz

·        UPC Code: Pending



Compliance and Restrictions
⚠Warning: Cancer and Birth Defect/Reproductive Harm —


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