About Us

About Us

Our mission at RMBOnlineSolarAndInverterPower.com isn’t complex. We strive to provide you with a great array of high quality solar and inverter power options. The idea is to display quality products along with accessories associated to create a one-stop-shopping experience. In additional to solar and inverter products, other energy options will be offered to power products like Cool Gadgets, etc.  Our long-term mission, in addition to providing quality products, is to recommend qualified installers when needed. We understand the secret to our success is consumer support and complete satisfaction. Operational since 2016, we cannot fail to remember that our duty is to meet your needs! Our goal is producing advanced and reasonably-priced solutions for our clients.


To achieve our goal, we endeavor to go the extra mile in consumer support, value, and awareness of detail. We have the perfect staff that is innovative, reliable, and lively, excited to serve you however they’re able. We continuously aim to deliver you the best innovations in the business. This allows us to better focus on the needs you have.


What makes our business different? Maybe it’s how we view each of our customers as family and endeavor to take care of them that way. Or maybe it’s our professional behavior. We believe in getting things done properly the first time. Our customers have nothing but good things to say about us. A lot of the compliments that have meant the most deal is with our speedy customer service and care to detail. We absolutely appreciate our customers! Thank you for all the amazing responses!


We ask for more comments on anything that could greatly improve our company:

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We appreciate your shopping with us today!